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๐Ÿ”ด Live Streaming – WordPress News, Elementor Updates, Gutenberg Widgets, Q&A And More…

In this WPCrafter Live, we will cover breaking updates you want to be aware of.

Table Of Contents compliments of Luis at
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:06:20 – Guttenberg 8.9.1 (like a virus, moving on throughout WordPress)
00:12:56 – Kadence ‘Headers and Footers’
00:15:50 – Elementor 3.0 (What happened there?) breaking sites!!!
00:19:52 – Elementor 3.0 blog post (some ugly messages)
00:24:40 – Going a bit trough the comments about Elementor
00:26:24 – One of the big story of the week (Restrict Content Pro)
00:30:18 – Scrolling a bit more comments
00:31:26 – Cart Flows (A/B Testing is already out)
00:35:30 – Cart Flows (Feature that is coming out this week)
00:43:29 – FaceBook Group (LifeTime Deals) Uncanny Automator!
00:59:25 – Another interesting deal (GIST)
01:01:40 – Kadence PRO is coming out (Pro Addons are ready for PRO users)
01:03:22 – More questions to wrap it up
01:15:40 – Small sample of ‘Starter Template’ Kadence Theme
01:19:06 – Info about Kadence deals…
01:21:04 – Gotta be careful comparing things… Generatepress vs Kadence
01:22:42 – More questions
01:34:35 – Apologies for the pending video about email hosting and cloudways
01:36:10 – More questions
01:45:00 – Hints about the next project coming out (Adam’s Product)
โšกโšก’Local Ordering System’ Love it!!!โšกโšก
01:49:10 – Thank you SuperChats!!! Question about tracking events…
01:52:55 – Wrapping up last questions
01:59:18 – Take care and post your remaining questions on the FB group, please

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