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As Pride month draws to a close, a plethora of brands and organizations have turned to LGBT+ creatives and influencers to feature in their campaigns. Reebok notably handed creative control over to activist Lazarus Lynch to launch its Collective, which aims to highlight the company’s ongoing mission to create an inclusive community of acceptance.

This week, TikTok furthered its involvement in football by signing a sponsorship with Wrexham AFC, the club gaining media waves from its joint owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney – a combination even more unlikely than England’s victory over Germany.


Wrexham is the Name, @tiktok is too :eyes: :red_circle::white_circle:️ #WxmAFC#foryoupage

♬ original sound – Wrexham AFC

Elsewhere in the beautiful game, an array of top creative companies across London came together to create a film in support of Grenfell Athletic FC and the wider Grenfell community. The campaign promotes the release of the new Nike Grenfell Athletic AFC team strip, which is sold through Kitlocker and champions the idea of a Grenfell shirt representing the ‘fabric of the community’. All profits from the kit go to the club, which has been a pivotal community support system in the wake of the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster.

Yet all the while, Covid rumbles in the background and Budweiser pledged to buy the United States ‘a round on us’ if it hit the White House’s 70% vaccination goal by July 4. While this target is unlikely to be met, the iconic American brewer decided citizens deserved a free Bud anyway, and beginning Friday, legal drinking age consumers can go here to get their free beverage.


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