As customers spend more time than ever researching, choosing, buying, and giving feedback online, it’s vital to earnestly tune in to what they’re saying. Listening is no longer enough. You need to truly hear.

Once you have this deeper understanding, how can you translate the insights gleaned into beneficial business actions? How can you use what you hear to better anticipate and solve your customers’ problems? How can marketing, advertising and other teams leverage these insights and work across siloes to deliver a unified customer experience?

Joining The Drum’s editor-in-chief Gordon Young in a special webinar that looks to unpack and answer these questions is Laura Garvey, the solutions consulting director of customer experience management platform Sprinklr, plus Sophie Dufouleur, global customer experience director, Dyson.

Together, they will explore how your customer service and marketing teams can come together to bring these insights to life and deliver a unified customer experience by creating more effective audience segmentation, campaigns and messaging. They will assess how brands can create loyal fans and advocates by surpassing customer expectations.

The discussion will demonstrate how the right customer experience management platform is key to enabling companies to translate these ‘hearings’ into actionable insights. Sprinklr’s platform is purpose-built to help brands make the leap between listening and acting upon the insights gleaned.

For PR professionals, this could mean being able to detect and mitigate against emerging crises. For customer supports teams, it might mean gaining insights into customer interests and identifying cross-selling opportunities.

This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to learn from industry leaders as they share real-life examples of how truly listening and hearing contributes directly to better customer care. Register for the webinar here.



Friday, 16 April, 1pm BST/ GMT+1



  • Sophie Dufouleur, global customer experience director, Dyson
  • Laura Garvey, solutions consulting director, Sprinklr
  • Gordon Young, editor-in-chief and co-founder, The Drum

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