Selling cars entirely online and delivering to the customer’s door may be the latest trend in motor retail, but BuyaCar has done it since 2002.

With more than 24,000 deliveries since then, to the value of £300m, BuyaCar recently turned to RocketMill to help cement its place as market leader. The immediate aim was a complete brand refresh, to build on the unique relationship BuyaCar has with its customers and a history of buying with confidence.

“Refreshing a brand is essential as a business evolves, but it’s not to be undertaken lightly. Done properly, it is much more than a new colour palette, different fonts and a redesigned logo,“ said Andy Oldham, chief executive officer at BuyaCar.

“It’s a major project that needs expert support in helping you to tell the story of your brand and its values in an elegant and arresting way. We found a great partner in RocketMill, who have helped BuyaCar to do exactly that.

“As BuyaCar has evolved, so has the story we need to tell. For example, what distinguishes us from other online motor retailers and how do we articulate that with our ‘look’?

“Working with RocketMill we dug deep into what we really stand for, what buying a car from us feels like for our customers, everything that we offer for a great purchase experience. Using what we know about ourselves, our customers and what they are really looking for from their car-buying experience, RocketMill turned all those qualities into a perfect look and feel that really stands out.

“Warm, calm, welcoming, modern colours reflect the relaxing, non-intimidating process of finding and buying a car from us. Focus on our friendly and professional people highlights our mission, above all, to instill confidence in our customers and reassure them that we’re expert, friendly and won’t overwhelm them with jargon.

“If I sound like a marketing nerd it’s because I know how powerful great branding is and I’m confident that we have found the perfect look and feel for BuyaCar.”

Bianca May, managing partner at RocketMill said: “BuyaCar has been a joy to work on and it’s wonderful to see the hard work and combined efforts go live [see]. Selling cars online is becoming mainstream and we wanted to bring out the values and heritage that BuyaCar have been building since 2002.

“While it’s just the start of our refresh, we love how the message of ’Confidence’ has been treated across the website, really taking into account what the BuyaCar customers told us, and the data showed us. While we have a fresh look and feel, we are certain the business rationale behind the rebrand will pay dividends across all aspects of the 2021 strategy.”

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