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Can we take a second to talk about refunds and how that works with your creative…

Can we take a second to talk about refunds and how that works with your creative services.

This information is being given under the assumption that you are good at your job, have a good track record with clients and are not a fraud/scam.*

If you offer a creative service, please PLEASE take a deposit on your fee and protect that deposit. As usual, I’m going to use myself as an example.

I have 6 services from hourly help to e-commerce. Each service has a price point and a deposit requirement. Each deposit invoice I send out has a set of policies attached that outlines the deposit and how refunding would work and the exact situation that would warrant a refund.

Creatives. Once you have an agreement with a client IN WRITING and have started work, that deposit is being used to pay for your time. Your time has a monetary value that can’t be replaced. It’s not a refund on an item you can turn around and resell.

Sometimes sharing policies and terms with clients can feel uncomfortable, but they are necessary. On my own website, you will find at the top of the services page links to payment breakdown terms and what’s included in each service.

Lay out your information so it is easily linked for review to potential clients. This makes your terms real and non-negotiable. Make sure you have policies written up that outlines the expectations of the deposit and make sure you have in writing that you told your client they were there and to review them. Be transparent and protect your time.


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