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How to become persistent Take out your notebook

💪🏻 How to become persistent ⤵️⠀

🤩 Take out your notebook, save this post , and let’s do this!

1. ✨Identify Your Goal⠀
– Write down what you want to accomplish⠀

2. ✨Determine your motivation⠀
– If you know why you’re doing what you’re doing it gives you more energy to keep on going.⠀

3. ✨Define an action plan⠀
– How will you achieve the first point? When you know how to get what you want, it makes it easier to achieve it. Be specific on each step you need to take. Identify at least 2 ways and plans on how you can achieve your goals.⠀

4. ✨Work on your mind game⠀
– Things will be challenging. Remember to have a POSITIVE mindset. As I have written before It is absolutely crucial to work on rewiring your brain to think positive thought about your life, goals and plan.⠀

5. ✨Choose your mentor and friends wisely⠀
– Some friends are fun to play some round of beer pong with, others you might have great political debates with. ALSO: find friends that will helo you succeed towards your goal. You need driven and positive people that will be happy for your successes and help you plan out your steps moving forward. No time for cynical advices and pessimist people. ⠀

6. ✨Force discipline ⠀
Some might think that people are just born with discipline. And maybe that is true? But it does not mean that it’s learnable!! Use the pomodoro technique and force yourself to start crossing of to-do’s of your action plan. (Yes I have probably talked about it in like 400 posts so far haha but it’s a life saver)⠀

What do you think??⠀
Are you already doing this ? ⭐️



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