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There is an important question that is in everyone mind: how to boost your Alexa rank? In this tutorials I am going to teach you how can you get higher Google ranking. All advertiser, visitors, investors and partner searching your Alexa rank so that they can measure your total website.

That is why, many business are trying to have low Alexa rank in order to drive traffic to website.

So, let’s hit it.

What is an Alexa rank?

Do you want to have the most popular site on the web? Well who doesn’t? There is site that called, It is actually owned by amazon. Alexa is focuses on moderating and ranking the web for popularity.

Alexa rank is a global metric system which will rank for millions of website in sequence of their acceptance in the world. It calculate the combination of website traffic and visitors participation. If you want to boost your Alexa rank you need to focus on this to element.

Okay, let’s get to the point.


How to boost your Alexa rank?


  • Identify and delete “zombie pages”Zombie-pages

Your first step is to find and eliminate what I called zombie page. I used to think that Google rewarded sites that publish lots and lots of unique content, but I was totally wrong. The truth is that for boosting your Alexa rank, Google is not focusing on publishing content just for the sake of publishing. I know it’s confusing but remember that Google prefer website that publish fewer high quality pages.

This quality over quantity approach is one of the secrets for boost your Alexa rank.

So what is zombie pages?

Zombie pages are pages on your site that don’t provide any value, for instance old and outdated blog post, press releases, search result pages, ecommerce product pages with zero sales.

So for boosting your Alexa rank you need to delete more than 10 pages to protecting your site.



  • Fix any technical SEO issues

There is literally hundreds of technical problems that can impact your SEO. Fixing them is one of the fastest ways to boost traffic to your website.

What is technical SEO issues?fix seo

  • Duplicated or missing title tags
  • Duplicated description tags
  • Broken links
  • Images with missing alt text
  • Pages blocked by ROBATS.TET
  • 302 redirect that should be 301 redirects

How can you find these technical SEO issues on your site?

I recommend using the raven tool site auditor or you can use SEMrush’s site audit tool. The point is that they will crawl your site and let you know about technical problems that might be hurting your site’s SEO.

It is not big deal but worth fixing.


  • Focus on ON-page SEO

First things about on-page SEO is “keyword.” I will teach you something that will help you a lot. Remember this “find your keyword and use is the beginning of your article.” why? Because Google puts more weight on words that appear in the beginning of your content. So it’s important that your keyword shows up there. For example imagine that you want to write an article about coffee. LSI keyword for coffee would be things like mug, caffeine and Starbucks. So all things you need to do is to make sure that you use this keyword in your article.

If you don’t know how to find your keyword, click on this link for more information.

on-page seo


  • Optimize title and description tag

You probably know about CTR, is a huge ranking factor right now. Think about it, if people searching for a keyword and click on your result more than others; it tells Google that you’re the best result for that keyword so you will rank higher in Google.

In fact, a recently published Google research paper states that, “click-through read data has proven to be a critical resource for boost your Alexa rank.

So, it is clear that CTR is an important ranking signal.

The question is how can you optimize for it?

Let me walk you through a real life example. One of my best blog post was a huge list of job boards. Considering how epic this content was, it should’ve been ranking in the top three but it was stuck in the fifth spot. I had a feeling that something is wrong with my title and my description tag.

 So what do you have to do for boost your Alexa rank?

  • First, search for best job board and looked at the ad words ad
  • Check the reach number of related keyword

After checking all this, I realize that none of pages used niche talent so I’ve changed 100+ best job to find niche talent to 100+ job boards for job seekers and recruiters.

See like a piece of cake you can increase you CTR rank.



  • Dwell time

What is dwell time? When someone search for a keyword and click in a result, two things can happen. They can stay in your site for a long time or they quickly click away. In short, the amount of time that someone stay on your site called dwell time. As you might expect, the longer your dwell time, the higher your page will rank in Google.

What you should do for boost your Alexa rank with dwell time:

  • Eliminate all gap and giant image in order to move your content up
  • Make sticky introduction
  • Use formatted in a reader-friendly way
  • Cut out some line that weren’t compelling or interesting.

Not too shabby, right.

dwell time



  • Improve site’s loading speed

Can making your site faster really improve your Google ranking and your Alexa rank?


In fact, out search engine ranking factor study found that faster loading pages tended to outrank slow pages.

Here’s how to quickly boost traffic your website by your website speed:

  1. Head over Google pagespeed insight

Just enter your site into the tool and fix the problems that it tell you about.

  1. Check out GTMetrix

Just like Google tools GTMetrix will show you potential issues with your pages code. Also let you know about server hosting problems that can slow down your site. Now that you site was optimized, error-free it is time for the last step.


  • Publish a skyscraper technique post

You probably already heard about the skyscraper technique, if you haven’t, here’s the deal.skyscraper post

The skyscraper technique is where you find the best content in your industry and then create something way better. In short turning your content into high quality backlinks known as the skyscraper technique.

How to use skyscraper technique?

  • Use on-page link instead of list of linking to other page
  • Add helpful information
  • Try quality images instead of lame stock photos





So you notice that your Alexa rank have great impact on your website and your business. If you follow all this step by step tutorial, you will boost your Alexa rank fairly quickly.

If you have try any other idea about boosting traffic to your website, I will be appreciate your participation.

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