In this article you are going to learn how can you exactly build backlinks to your website. I am writing five proven link building strategies and some advance techniques I’ve never heard anyone else talk about. So what are backlinks? Backlinks are links from a page on one website to another. You can generate backlinks free which is important because:

  • Build backlinks help google and other search engine determine which pages should rank the highest for a given query.
  • Building a powerful backlinks can send you visitors through referral traffic.
  • Backlinks can help search engine discover your pages faster.


Now that you understand the benefit of backlinks, let’s dive in how to build a backlinks?

So without further ado, let’s kick things off with strategy #1:

#1: links roundups

Imagine if people publish blog posts for the sole purpose of linking out to quality content, the type of quality content that you’ve already publish on your site. That would be awesome, right?

Fortunately for us, that’s a real thing and they are called link roundups.

So what are link roundups exactly?

Link roundups are daily, weekly or monthly blog posts that curate and link to outstanding content. Now let’s break down the exact process to use link roundups:

First: you need to find links roundups in your industry. Here are a few search strings that work really well.

“KEYWORD” + “links roundups”

“KEYWORD” + roundups

“KEYWORD” + “best of”

“KEYWORD” + this week

Just pop these search strings into google, and you will find tons of high-quality roundups.

Step two: after you find the ink roundups that seems like a goof fit, it is time to pitch your content.

Step three: make an email scripts to send for the person who runs the roundups. Send that email in order to let them know that your content exists, and gently suggest that they include it in their next roundups. If your post is a good fit for that person’s roundup, you will get a sweet link.

That’s all there is to build a backlinks.

#2 : broken link building

One of my favorite strategy to generate backlinks is broken links building. Why? You see, when most people build links, they send generic picture that offer zero value. With broken links building you add value to someone’s website….then you will ask for a link.

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Step 1: add check my links

Check my links is a free google extension that finds broken links on any page. I’ll show you how to use this tools in minute.

Step 2: find a site that you want to get link from

You probably have a few sites in mind. If not goole keyword related to your industry, the site that show up in the search results are great sites to get backlinks from.

Step 4: check the broken links

To do this, just isit a few pages on the site you just found and run the check my links extension. This will reveal all the broken links on that page.

Last step: let the site owner know about broken links

By doing this you should offer your content as a replacement. For example after you find a broken link on someone’s site, write a personalize email to get more links. It is really important to add value first then ask for something in return.


#3: build links from podcasts

Another strategy for building a backlinks is using links from podcasts. So podcast are becoming popular than ever before, the cool thing about podcast them is there really is a podcast for everything even you know so-called boring niches if you find yourself in one of those and they all need content on a weekly basis or however often they produce and most of these podasts are actually interview based and they’re looking for experts you come on and talk at length about a certain subject.

So how does this translate into a link for you?

Basically if you were to go on a podcast, they’re usually going to link back to your website in the show note from their website.

So if you don’t have any expertise, all you really need to do is go to iTunes and just do a simple key word search for your podcasts in your niche. When you find them they always have a link to their websites, you can go directly there, to build a backlink they all have contact page, so get in touch with them, and just pitch yourself and pitch your idea.


My recommendation to build a backlinks:

I recommend a few things here, listening to at least in one episode so you have something you know a little more personal to bring up or to compliment or to comment on. That really going to make your email pitch stand out much more.

Just go after small ones to start and then once you have a few interviews, then you can start bringing that to the table for the bigger fish. To get better and bigger links as you go forward.



#4: become a source for blogger and reporter

You can be a go-to source for media outlets, because it’s one thing to get links from smaller website but it’s quite another to get them from the big boys  like newYork times, it sound hard to get those right?

As I said before, another way to build a back links is to find a relationship between reporter and blogger. If you want to rank on the first page of google today, you need to build links from authority news sites and blogs in your industry. Fortunately this isn’t as hard as it probably sounds, in fact it is very doable thanks to free service called HARO.

What is HARO?

HARO is like a dating site for public relations. HARO connects blogger and journalist that need sources to people that want links and press mentions. I personally used HARO to build a backlinks for mega news site like

To be honest, this strategies for build a backlinks will takes works, and it is not easy. But based on my experience is the best way to generate backlinks for free at scale.

With that, let’s dive into the step-by-step process.

  • Register as source.

Once you signed up, you’ll get three emails a day for reporters looking for sources like this. When you find a request that seems like a good fit, send them your pitch.


#5: mini-multi-media posts

This is my favorite method to build backlinks, because rather than creating a bunch of articles or a bunch of different kinds of content or going on a bunch of podcasts, you basically create one really good piece of content and then spread  that around the web.

So here’s what you do, first you need to create one high-quality content, (if you don’t now how to right it, check my blog, it can help you a lot) it can be a video, infographic or even a podcast then you pitch a bunch of different blog in your niche that content. So in that email you’re going to link directly to that piece of content and you know the video or the infographic, but then you also going to offer to write a unique mini-post to accompany it you know this is a great scalable way to get a lot of backlinks from one piece content then basically rewrite the same mini article a bunch of different ways so that it ends up being unique to each individual blog.

If you want to create an infogarphic, but you are not a designer, that’s fine all you need to do is really find a good article or piece of content to base it on you know where’s the information coming from and then you can usually hire a designer for around 100 and 250 dollars, who will actually take that content and bring it to life.

My recommendation:

Just go to the Envato studio website, type in infographic in the search bar. You will find a bunch of really talented designers to do this for you.



With all this way, you can build a backlinks as fast as possible. All of this sounds good but maybe you don’t quite have the time to be building all these backlinks yourself. It might actually make more sense for you just to outsource your links building efforts.














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