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How to Downgrade Your WordPress Site (For Troubleshooting Plugin and Theme Issues)

Downgrading WordPress means rolling back to an older version of your WordPress core files 🗂.There are different ways to downgrade your site, and we’ll cover the most common ones here👆
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It’s best practice to run your WordPress installation, theme, and plugins on the latest available WordPress version. It’s also recommended to use the most recent version of PHP. There are cases, however, when this isn’t advisable or possible.

If if you find yourself in such a situation, where you need to rollback from the latest WordPress version, it’s important to learn how to do it safely. Luckily, we’ll teach you about the different methods available for rolling back each element of your website without breaking it.

This tutorial will explain why you might need to downgrade WordPress, as well as cover restoring previous versions of WordPress, rolling back plugins, themes, and PHP.



0:00 How to Downgrade Your WordPress Site
0:54 Why You Might Want to Downgrade
2:08 How to Downgrade Your WordPress Site
2:30 Downgrade Your WordPress Version Manually
4:18 Use WP Downgrade to Run a Previous Version of WordPress
5:03 Restore a Previous Backup to Undo Changes to Your Site
6:34 Manually Downgrade a Plugin or Theme
7:55 Roll Back Plugin and Theme Updates With WP Rollback
9:14 Revert to an Older Version of PHP



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