how to make a blog in 30 minutes!

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you the power of the future and technology. You can build a blog and lie down on your bed and earn money easily and quickly. So stay with me for learning how to make a blog

What exactly is a blog? 

Shortly, the blog is a page that you can put anything you interested in. actually when you want to share your idea in some cases individually the simplest way is blogging.

Bloggers often share their personal idea and wait for other reactions. That is why they use the comment section in their article to hear their audience’s perspective and answer them. So that they can build a bond and a strong connection with their readers and followers. Just think about it, if you have a royal reader you have anything for starting a blog. The connection will help you in monetizing your blog which I discussed before. Check this article out

First, you need to have a passion for your topic, I mean the basic duty of a blog is that  shared new information about something which your reader wanted to read. For instance, if your blog is based on webmaster you shouldn’t write about cooking or yoga tutorial, you know what I mean?!


So if you are looking for reason why would you go to the trouble of blogging?

Make money from home if you focus on blogging to do it correctly, it can be quite profitable. The point you need valuable content to write it in a week for hours, so after that, you can have income from your hobby. I completely explain detail go through this article for more information.

  • Let them know your story

In my opinion, an amazing part of blogging is that you share your story so that other people will hear and maybe use it in their life. For example, you as a blogger, write your own diary, but your ordinary life will be amazing for some people, so they will follow you in order to learn something from you that would be delighted.

  • Identification for yourself or your business

For advertising your brand or your business, you need a useful blog. A successful blog will turn your imagination into reality and can help you with many recognition in your own field.

  • Find a society

It is obvious that a blog is a bilateral place. You post something which you had experienced before, and someone will comment under your post and share their experience with you too. And that’s the way for learning and teaching.

Fortunately, the world is exploding by the internet right now. Every year we see the growth of technology and more people with a smartphone. This bomb means more readers for your blog, so why are you looking to start it right now in 30 minutes!



Let’s teach how do you start blog?

How to make blog?

There is 4 basic step for making a blog. If you follow this 5 accurately you will make your own blog in just 30 minute or less.

1 Choose a platform

Imagine that you have already heared about WordPress, the most amazing and well-known platform for website and blog maker. It is the biggest blogging platforms in the world, with lots of plugin and add-ons and much more endless way to design and make a blog. 

Although that are some other platform instead of WordPress, but this is why I recommended WordPress:

  •  Free and super easy set-up
  •  A great deal of themes, plugin and add-ons
  • Powerful supporting
  •  Easily interact with reader

2. Pick web-host and domain name

I assume that you know all webmasters but if you don’t know, don’t worry to explain it before jump into this link for more information. 

In short, a blog needs a host for keeping all files for your blog and bring your blog name when they type it. The blog host that I highly recommend, is BlueHost. Are looking for a reason, here we go:

  •  Record your blog name so that nobody takes it
  •  Simple installation
  •  many happy customers
  •  Money-back guarantee for any reason

If you use this link, you will be amazed with the discount price per month. If you don’t know how to sign up and purchase for BlueHost, use this article.

 Be careful about your domain name, because it will have a great impact on your blog future. So choose a domain that is totally related on your topic and use the catchy name. If you don’t have any idea about your domain name, use the BlueHost guide.



3. Design blog

As I said before, WordPress has tons of free themes that you can use in order to change your blog quickly and easily. Once you buy your host from Bluehost and set your free domain name, you need to install WordPress and start your job for that.

If you are totally new in this field, then use our WordPress tutorial to understand what I mean.

Tips: don’t forget that your design should show your personality and your purpose of your blog, there is no point having cooking oriented them, if your blog is about the webmaster, right?

 Then click on publish, and you are done! 

Bear in mind that for having a useful and money-maker blog you need to do your best for your content. With no valuable content, even if your blog design is stylish; your blog will be failed.

If you are looking for creating high-quality content, just follow these 3 methods and see the miracle.

   Central idea: focus on your main idea and point what you are covering
   Verify: prove what you mean and give an example
   Execute: give an easy way to perform your idea

website design


4.Start writing

after you read our article and get familiar with WordPress, it is time to actually do something sweet for blogging.

To start writing go to the left menu on dashboard and click on “post”.

You see that there is already a default post, we don’t need it so click on the trash and say goodbye to it.

And then, click on add new on the top of the page.

Look like what I said, super easy, now enter a title for your content, and start writing on the below box. There is lots of more flexibility for designing that you can notice it by yourself without any help. 

Last words, having a blog and earning money from it is the most popular job nowadays, so what are you looking for!? 


Helping creatives to turn offline experiences into online income At the age of 18, I decided to leave my home and move to Italy. With no plan, no income, no idea what I'm up to. I just wanted to take the leap! Long story short, I ended up getting into a freelance design which later brought me to website design & online courses. Now, proud to be location independent digital nomad, I help creatives to turn their offline experiences into online income!

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