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How To Make Links Open in New Tab or Window with WordPress

Do you want to open links from your blog posts in a new window? Opening external links in a new window will give you the ability to link to different sites without your visitors leaving your site. In this video, we will show you how to easily open external links in a new window on your WordPress site.

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For adding a link in the Block/Gutenberg editor, you would want to highlight the text and click the insert link button. This will bring up a box where you can add a URL to your text and if you click the down arrow to the right of the link box it should bring up additional options, one of which would be to open the link in a new tab.

If you’re using the classic editor, when you click the add link button it will bring up a similar interface to what happens in the block editor and you will instead click the cog/gear icon. This should bring up a window where you can click the checkbox for opening the link in the new window.

If you wanted to manually create the link that opens in a new tab then you can open the text in the text editor and add a link the same way we did previously. It will set up the link with the correct tags that you can copy and the specific section you would need to copy would be the rel=’noopener’. When you add that to any link that you edit using HTML it should open the link in a new window.

If you wanted all external links to open on a new window then you could also install and activate the ‘External Links in New Window/New Tab’ plugin below:

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00:00 How to open links in a new tab
00:28 How to create a link to open in new Window using WordPress block editor
01:26 How to use WordPress Classic editor to create links to open in new tab
02:13 How to use HTML to make link open in a new tab
02:59 How to use a plugin to open all links in new tab in WordPress

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