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How to Practice Leetcode: Interview Prep 101At first, leetcode was scary and o…

💡How to Practice Leetcode: Interview Prep 101

✨At first, leetcode was scary and overwhelming to me. This is how I approached practicing leetcode to prepare for coding interviews

🔸STEP 0: Knowing data structures and algorithms

If you’re rusty on the topic, I suggest diving deep into the major data structures and algorithms. It’s good to know how to implement, traverse, add, remove and search through each of them and know the time complexity of doing all these operations.

🔸STEP 1: Picking a programming language

I use JavaScript for coding interviews. I recommend using a language you know very well and can code fast with. Dynamically typed languages like JavaScript and Python are great because their flexible typing saves us time and space on the whiteboard/IDE!

🔸STEP 2: Picking a leetcode problem set

I chose the “Top Interview Questions” problem set on leetcode (swipe ➡️). If you purchase leetcode premium you have access to sets containing problems said to be asked at big tech companies like amazon and google.

🔸STEP 3: Practicing

It was my first time doing leetcode, so I sorted the questions of my problem set by difficulty and did about 25 easy ones before moving on to medium. I made sure to write down the time and space complexity of each problem too. If I got stuck on a problem for longer than 45min, I’d look for the solution(s) and study it/them. Leetcode is a numbers game, I prefer being efficient and doing as many types of problems as I can instead of wasting hours on a single problem.

🔸STEP 4: Pretending we’re in an Interview

Right from the start of my leetcode grind, I started thinking out loud, explaining my reasoning as if I was in an actual interview. I highly recommend practicing this as well.

If u have leetcode tips please share in the comments 😊 & save the for study time!



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