How to start a blog and make money in 2020

Nowadays, any young and teenager are looking for an easy way to monetize their blog. Oh don’t panic in this article I am going to explain the principle step of How to start a blog and make money in 2020.
If you are thoroughly new in this field, then you will require to learn how to make a blog which I’ve learned before, so click on how can I make a blog easily. And for having high traffic blog you have to buy web hosting and domain name. Because having a High traffic blog means you have a well-optimized blog to start your monetization.
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How to start a blog

 Remember that you are not only a blogger.

If you are looking for an infinite money-making job like a blogger, don’t look to your blog as a hobby. actually look at it like an amazing and successful startup that you will need a CEO and manager for your blog improvement.


Earning money by blog? How?

Don’t expect that you will have an overnight success of blog your blog and have monthly payment! Surely we are not going to do miracle with an article. I prefer to rationally divide all ways to how to start a blog and make money into different stages so that you realize your weakness and your strengths well.

This is our a-z guide for having a blog:

  1. The first step, make a blog
  2. Write a useful and appropriate content
  3. Optimize your content
  4. Look for a more audience
  5. Ultimately, use your commutation ability to make money from your audience.

I know, this guide may seem a bit ambiguous in appearance, some of them require highly focus, experience and, time to master.

Don’t panic, I, here to describe all of this step in detail.


1.making a blog

Monetizing your blog is not an overnight success, because you won’t have income until you have a blog. In fact, making a blog is just for hobby and not for making money. Many people who came up with an idea about making a blog, don’t know any background about the technical issue but content marketing. Therefore if you don’t know how to make it, don’t worry at all, because almost any blogger has these problems.

For more information see our tutorial page.

How to start a blog

2. Write a useful and appropriate content

It is crystal clear that you can’t make money by an empty blog. For gaining your aim you need to do go one step further. On the one hand, writing useful content, and on the other hand, is important to focus on specific content and subject. We highly recommend to start blogging with what you are professional, don’t forget to realize your audience taste for content.

What makes you apart of other competitors is keywords which you use to generate content. So focusing on topics will somehow change or affect the lives of your audience. This content will convince your audience to rely and trust on your blog. This part will keep your audience that is key for using them in order to make money from your website. We highly recommend writing about what you are interested in and expertise in it. Interest is the first pillar of having successful and useful content.

How to start a blog

3.optimize your content

Your income has directly related to your content view and traffic of your site. In fact, the more visitors each day, the more likely are to increase your revenue. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization came up.

Let’s start from the beginning. You have created a blog with lots of valuable content in order to get your audience’s attention. On the other hand, users often use a different way to read something on the internet, the most popular way is searching on any search engine.

If you write valuable content with SEO technic google sets you in the first-page result so you will have lots of views every day.

If you want to be professional in this filed don’t miss our SEO tutorial.

How to start a blog

4. look for more audience

For having a money-maker blog you will also need to go out of your blog world and advertise professionally. For learning how to make your blog popular you will need to learn make the internal and external links. As I said there is lots of way for increasing audience, but more than traffic, you will need real reader on your website. Why? Because only a real audience will click on your advertisement and search on your website in order to buy something. Nevertheless, you should write an article which they can’t find it anywhere else so it will help you to realize what are they looking for and what are they interested in.

This article will help you a lot.

5. have a good relationship with your audience

By focusing constantly on producing useful content for finding more readers, you will find that people who visit your blog are gradually turning into permanent contact. That’s why apart of continuing to produce high-quality content, you need to focus on creating a better relationship. Most of the time, they start communicating with you by commenting under your post, all you have to do is, respond to their criticism and suggestions comments, if they are asking for a specific topic write it on your “do list”.

All in all, you have to pay attention to their reaction to get them back on your blog.

Also, there is variation way to make money from your blog in 2020, but really there is 5 core method that will help you to gain your aim.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most well-known method to have income every month by your blog. It is great opportunity for those you are just start our recently and they don’t have any products or services to sell. What do you have to do? All you have to do is try to write a content which you want to affiliate with.

For instance, if you are blogging for webhosting, you can easily affiliate with Bluehost or Siteground. Since you had already wrote an article about the best webhosting in 2020, you had attracting people that are interested in this field.

2. Advertisement

First way of monetizing with blog is advertisement. Nowadays, almost every company and organization start advertising on the social media—easy and free. That‘s why a blogger can make income by their blog without any specific talent or money. Most popular advertising service is google ads, which is work in pay-per-click (PPC) field.

And also there is another services like: WidgetBucks , chitika’s eMinimalls , Text link that will pay money for any click. If your blog have enough traffic and attract more people, other famous company or brand will ask you to advertising for them, here we go have monetize.


3. Email marketin

As I said you need to make a good and strong bond and joint with your readers in order to let them know what new article you realize. Email marketing is the most efficient method for making money from your blog.
Converkit, Aweber, and INfusionSoft are the most popular platform for email. Marketing.


4. Sell digital product

As long as your product have harmony with your content, you can create some digital product like webinar to introduce your new product. It is easy to create because even if you can’t record a video, there is lots of other digital product such as: downloadable, guides, resources, software.


5. Secure sponsorships

All of way that I mentioned need high traffic blog. You can easily write a blog and label them as sponsored, so you can have income from them. You should careful with sponsorship. You have to be frank with your readers. If you sell links google will penalize you. Honestly it’s not worth it, so be clear.



I wish best of luck with your new blog. Don’t forget to share your idea about this article

Any criticism or suggestion will be taken.








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