London-based agency Paradise has created a minute-long recap paying homage to the year’s most influential events across media, entertainment, social and political issues, titled ‘2020. The Year.’

The short film reminds us of just how tumultuous 2020 has been, covering key topics in both social and political news, as well as bursts of motivational moments as we look back at how the creative industries have bound together and united to weather the storm.

The closing message is a thank you and a chance to celebrate the kindness, conversation, creativity, stability, humility and motivation that’s been pivotal in uniting the world throughout 2020.

“The ad serves not only as a lighthearted round-up of 2020, but naturally an everlasting thank you to our team, clients and industry. I’m hoping the film is an inspirational as it is heart- warming,” said Nick Jekyll, creative director at Paradise.

The company was founded in 2013 by Nick Jekyll and Martin Dunn and the creative agency works primarily in the entertainment space. The ad was created by the agency’s brand and social team in December 2020.

“We really wanted to ensure the film wasn’t bereft of positivity. This is all about bringing people together and understanding that from here on in, we can only move forward. I really hope we’ve managed to show that this year has also brought momentous change, in lots of positive ways too,” said Luke Jekyll, marketing manager at Paradise.

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Paradise London is an independent fully-integrated creative agency dedicated to enhancing, connecting and refining brands worldwide.

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