Recently, Electric Glue launched a podcast called Sacrifice and Success. Our ambition was to uncover stories of people from the broader creative community, from chefs to musicians, TV presenters to photographers, and the many more who have sacrificed in order to thrive.

We did this because sacrifice is our strategy to help brands navigate the ever complex media landscape.

In a world where brands are fighting for attention and bombarding people with advertising everyday, creating genuine stand out is becoming increasingly difficult. We believe in focusing media investment and sacrificing to fewer media partners is key.

Modern media owners have become multi-channel marketing machines. They have the scale to reach the majority of the UK population in their own right. Through technological investment, they have developed a range of content delivery opportunities fueled by data and have the ability to drive the marketing funnel across their ecosystem of touchpoints. As such, they provide a far reaching and multi-purpose canvas for brands to bring ideas to life in a range of creative expressions that can power top of the funnel brand awareness activity, through to bottom of the funnel activation.

So we focus our approach by sacrificing a long list of media owners on a plan, in lieu of fewer, bigger and better. Working alongside creative partners, we help deliver engaging advertising in a contextual way that drives effective reach and delivers on a client’s business KPIs.

By taking this approach, we build long term partnerships with media owners that can live outside of just transactional media buying. We treat media owners as a partner in the process, opposed to merely the supplier of an audience, unlocking bespoke opportunities within their ecosystems, and allowing our clients to make a genuine impression rather than just buying impressions.

This is what makes our approach to media truly unique.

So rather than just making another media podcast, we wanted to bring our philosophy of ‘sacrifice’ to life in a fresh and exciting way. That was the thinking behind us launching a podcast.

Hosted by Electric Glue chairman Sir John Hegarty and working in collaboration with Soho Radio, the podcast uncovers the stories of people from the broader creative community, including singer-songwriter Joel Culpepper, TV presenter Gail Porter and event and conflict photographer Andre Camara.

You can listen to the podcast episode one here.

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