Testing NEW WordPress Plugins for Popup and Layouts [2020]

In this video, I will check out a couple of interesting new WordPress plugins and see if we can find something worth putting on our “I want this” list.

1. Epic Popup Creator –

Epic Popup Creator is a new WordPress plugin that you can use to create popups.

This plugin promises a user-friendly interface as well as some interesting behavior settings like time-out, or visit and leave actions.

2. WP Layouts –

WP Layouts is a promising new tool for importing, exporting, sorting, digging through, and organizing JSON files on your WordPress website?

I think it could be a good way to export pages created with the Block Editor of WordPress and import the design in new pages so you won’t have to start over and build up everything from scratch.

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Mazi has nine years of web development experience with the past five years spent honing his skills with WordPress plugins and themes. He's an expert in WooCommerce and is the author of the Simple Sales Tax plugin, a popular sales tax compliance solution for WooCommerce. Brett understands the importance of excellent communication, prides himself on producing high-quality code, and is comfortable working solo or as part of a team.

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