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Tips to have a productive day : Start your day by planning the task to be comp…

Tips to have a productive day 👍🏽:

✨ Start your day by planning the task to be completed. (Don’t over assign / under assign – choose the right amount of task)

✨ Don’t procrastinate 🙅🏼‍♀️

✨ Manage distractions !! My main distraction is my mobile and social media !! So I try to stay offline during my work..!

✨ Have some “me” time during your schedule, I read books sometimes.

✨ Say “no” to work if it requires you to work out of the schedule. It’s okay to say “no”.

✨ Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

✨ Take power naps whenever feasible.

✨ Stop black hole browsing (starting at a topic then moving onto another link from the same page then moving to another link from that page – just how the internet is like a black hole and sucks you into it) Trust me this is one of the activity that takes most of your time in hours.

✨ Disconnect on weekends, that way you will be able to come back fresh on Monday morning.

Do you follow any other tips [email protected] a productive day?
Let me know in comments below ⬇️.


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