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What is Cache Memory?

🔹What is Cache Memory?🔹
Computer systems have hard disk drives or solid state drives (SSDs) to provide high capacity, long-term data storage, as well RAM, which is used to store data and program code that the central processing unit is using or is about to need in the very near future. RAM is much faster than hard disk drive or SSD storage. It is usually made of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) which is also more expensive per Gigabyte or data stored.

But a CPU works much faster than RAM, so sometimes it can be forced to wait while instructions or data are read from RAM before it can continue processing, which reduces the overall performance of the computer system.

To prevent this from happening, computer systems are commonly equipped with cache memory: a small amount of  dynamic random access memory (DRAM) which is very fast, but very expensive, located very close to the CPU itself.

This cache memory stores data or instructions that the CPU is likely to use in the immediate future. Because this prevents the CPU from having to wait, this is why caching is used to increase read performance.


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