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BlueHost offers several types of website hosting. This article is about explanation of VPS hosting and some tips for determining if it’s the right solution for you.

VPS stand for virtual private server. If you want to make a VPS hosting a little easier to understand, let’s take a quick look at two other kinds of hosting and compare them to VPS hosting.

Types of web hosting

  • Shared hosting

On one hand, there’s shared hosting, your website files are housed on a server along with the file of other website, and the server bandwidth and resources are shared among all the websites on the server. You have very little control over the server setting or operation.

Think of it like renting a unit in an apartment complex where you shared parking space, storage and laundry facilities with others in the complex.

Shared hosting is an affordable solution that is generally well suited to most small and many medium-sized businesses that have simple, straightforward website with daily traffic under 2,000 visitors.

shared server

  • Dedicated hosting

On the other hand, there’s dedicated hosting, in which you lease the amount of exclusive server space you think you’ll need. You have full use of the server bandwidth and resources.

There’s no sharing with other website. You can control and customize the software and computing operations as needed; even though you don’t have access to the server hardware.

It’s similar to living in a large single-family home.

Dedicated hosting is often the right solution for large, complex, high-traffic sites and applications.


  • VPS hosting

Now consider VPS hosting. You have your own space on a physical server that is partitioned into multiple private environment. The technical term for this is “virtualization.” So while others may reside on the same physical server as you, your space is yours alone and you don’t shared resources and bandwidth like you so with shared hosting.

Like dedicated hosting, VPS hosting allows a high degree of control and customization. You can change server settings, install software, and users, and even turn the server on and off as needed.

One way to visualize VPS hosting is to think about living in a condominium building. As single building is divided into multiple private units of various sizes. Each unit has a private laundry room and storage area, and reserved parking space- resources that do not have to be shared with other condo resident- and you can control and customize your living space as needed.

vps hosting

In general, VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated hosting. It’s a good solution when you want your own server space and resources, and the control of dedicated hosting- but you don’t need the amount of space and power that dedicated hosting provided.

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